Friday, 2 November 2007

30/10/2007 - 03/11/2007 - Kaleden

30/10/2007 - We decided that we didn't have many opportunities for golfing left. So we packed up our clubs and headed to St Andrews Lake Course (a shortish nine hole golf course). It's amazing how Dave couldn't possibly get out of bed to go for a walk in this weather, but he is able to get up to play golf. We arrived at the golf course around 11:00 and we were told that as yet they hadn't been given the go ahead from the green keepers to play (the frost still hadn't cleared). At about 11:45 we got the go ahead. This was to be there last day that they were opened - they spray the greens and then they all pack up and leave until 1 April. So out we went and all I can say was it was very cold, we hired an electric cart without a windscreen in the front - so you could imagine the wind hurtling through the cart - I was freezing, I had on a long sleeve thermal shirt, a woollen golf vest, a jumper and then a wind / rain coat and this didn't help. We had a great nine holes, but decided that was enough. Dave and I both played reasonable golf even with our frozen hands.

31/10/2007 - Halloween has arrived. Dave's first and only job for the day was to carve the pumpkin and surprised as I was he attacked it with real enthusiasm, he did his research on the net and stenciled his drawing first. Well all I can say was I was very impressed he really did do a great job and I think he even enjoyed doing it. I was told that we probably wouldn't get any trick or treaters because all the families went to the community hall and only trick or treated in the more populated streets - well we got one, I was so excited I gave him lots and lots of Candy.

01/11/2007 - I couldn't help myself but feed the deer in the front yard, I know I'm not supposed to but hey I couldn't resist (and yes it was something like -2). They are still frightened and wont let me get too close but I'm working on it. We took May to lunch today at Salty's on the Lake (Okanagan) it was pretty good food, I'm sure we will frequent this place again.

02/11/2007 - We picked up Bobbie and Brant tonight to go to another Ice Hockey game, as you can see they also enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween.

03/11/2007 - We went over to our Landlords (Tony and Lisa) place for a few drinks tonight. We had a really good night - as I was the DD so I didn't over indulge but the other Lisa took over. They are both lovely people and I'm sure we will be inviting them over to our place to replay the favour. One thing we were a bit surprised about was how well they dressed for us to come over for a few drinks. Lets just say they were both dressed up more than Dave and I. I haven't been able to get Dave out for a walk lately, but I must say he has been doing a lot more manual labour work than what he has been used to. He's been working in the vineyard drilling holes, moving firewood and also helping out with some dry walling (gyprocking) - Farmer Dave.


Storm and Matt said...

-2 Elfie, wtf!!! I'm freezing here in Belfast and it hasn't even hit minus figures yet, how will I cope when we come visit you?! Good work on the pumpkin Dave, best pumpkin I've seen all Halloween! We're loving your blog btw xx

Lou said...

Wow Dad! I am impressed with the pumpkin carving! Good work! Love you both...Lou xxx