Saturday, 10 November 2007

06/11/2007 - 12/11/2007 - Spokane (Washington), Kaleden

06/11/2007 - We packed up our bags and headed off to Spokane, (Washington State in the USA) for a bit of shopping and a look around. The drive took about 5 hours, we checked into our hotel and set off to find the nearest shopping centre. The first couple of stops were to check out the price of the snow skis and snowboards etc. Well the prices over here certainly are a lot cheaper than at home.

07/11/2007 - Today we just hit one of the major shopping centres. Dave came with me for the first hour or two whilst we purchased some clothes for him - a couple of pair of jeans, jacket, jumper, belts and few other things and then he decided he was done. So he left me in the shopping centre whilst he went and got the brakes checked on the car and went though the process of trying to buy fuel in the USA when your rego plates say you are from Canada and your visa says you are from Australia. Well after a couple of hours, and most of my Christmas Shopping done I'd had enough so I just sat down drank coffee and watched the other shoppers go pass. We went to dinner at Anthony's. The special was Australian Lobster, ($19US) it was cheaper to purchase than back at home - and Dave said it tasted pretty good - I was hoping to get a taste but it was gone just way too quick - good old boarding school.

08/11/2007 - Well we eventually got the car packed (with all our extra shopping bags etc), checked out of the hotel and headed off on foot to do a bit of exploring around the city. Spokane held the World Expo Fair in 1974, they have done a fantastic job at keeping the park etc so beautiful. From the park to downtown (city) there are numerous pedestrian and vehicle bridges to get from one side to the other side. After a couple of hours of wandering the park and the city streets we thought we better start to head home. We stopped at one of the RV yards on the way home. In typical Dave and Lisa fashion we started off looking at our options at under $50k well by the time we left we were looking at a 39ft Winnebago with two slides outs, leather chairs, 3 TV's and double the price. Well at the point we knew it was time to go - we wanted to get back home before it got too dark - forgetting of course that it starts to get dark over here at 4:30pm. The drive home was an experience that we won't forget coming down over one of the mountain ranges the fog was as thick as pea and ham soup. We had to slow down to drive between 10 - 15 km's and I was doing most of the navigation from our navigation system - we finally made it home safe and sound. There have been a number of accidents reported on the passes through the mountains so we have decided that the night driving should be kept to a minimum.

09/11/2007 - This morning our landlord came over to do some work around the vineyard etc, so Farmers Dave and Lisa put on our working clothes and gloves and off we went. Our first job was to hang the wire between the vineyard posts for the vines to grow on. W ell after our initial instructions on how to drive the tractor and how to hang the wire we were off and running - we both had a great morning and it was a really good workout. The best part was at the end of the morning when we had both been driving the tractor and Farmer Dave had to ask how to start the Tractor and I could and did tell him how - you need to put your foot on the brake to start it. I am looking forward to the wine we will get in three years time.

Tony also set up the lights to our big Christmas tree out the front and they look great.

We headed off to another Ice Hockey game - in the corporate box again - Unfortunately our team lost 5-3. "We'll get em next time...."

10/11/2007 - WOODY WOODPECKER COUNT - Dave 1 -- Lsa 0. Dave is starting to frighten me he is really getting into the lifestyle. This morning we heard one of the woodpeckers and before I had a chance the Big Fella jumped up and got the gun and we got our first woodpecker. Dave seems to think that with me doing the shooting we have more woodpeckers living here then ever as the word has got out that it is a safe place to live. Unfortunately the woodpeckers are making a mess of the eaves. Within a day they are able to make a hole big enough to get inside the eaves.

We headed off into town to do a bit of grocery shopping - and would you believe it Dave bought a golf club (a Lovett), which of course he has had to practice with - in the lounge room it's too cold outside. Lucky the roof is so high here - Dave can actually get a full swing in. Ooh and I bought a few Christmas decorations.

12/11/2007 - Last night we had our first windy experience which Tony had warned us about. (Up to 90k per hour.) The house has a very high front and acts as a big sail for an old galleon pirate ship. The double glazed glass flexed in the wind and the house creaked and groaned as the sides flexed from the wind. Unfortunately we woke up this morning to find the wind had taken its toll and our Christmas tree was resting in the driveway- don't think we will be going anywhere today.

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