Thursday, 15 November 2007

12/11/2007 - 16/11/2007

12/11/2007 - Today the clean-up began. It was amazing how destructive the wind was, we were lucky and only lost the big Christmas tree and a bit of guttering. The two houses up the back from us weren't so lucky, they both lost parts of their roofs. Parts of Penticton lost power for up until about 4:30pm. Dave and Tony (the landlord) decided they couldn't save the big pine tree (which I wasn't very happy about). They spent the most of the day cutting the tree up and removing it from the front yard - of course they had to remove all the lights first. Whilst they were doing the clean up they came across some Bear poop right in our front yard - how exciting, I've been keeping a look out but as yet I've not been able to spot one. (Probably to much wine...)

13/11/2007 - This morning the clean-up continued we needed to rake all the leaves up (Which were knee deep around the yard) - and believe me this was not a small task, it took Dave and I a couple of hours and a couple of trailer loads to remove most of the leaves. Tony came over again and bought with him 2 cartons of Kokanee and 1 carton of Corona (I think he appreciates the help the Big Fella has been given him - he did make a comment today, that we've worked harder than all the paid workers he has hired). Tony also bough some more wire for the winery (so Dave and I had our afternoon task planned), meanwhile Tony and Dave needed to remove and replant a smaller tree in the side, this was partly due to the fact that we had picked out another Christmas tree to be lit outside. So whilst they were doing the removal etc, I had the task of going through all the Christmas lights (something like 50ft) and checking all the bulbs. Once this was all done and the new tree was successfully lit up, Dave and I headed off to the vineyard for some more wire hanging, Tony headed down the front to do some more chain sawing on some huge logs for fire wood. When Dave and I finished in the vineyard we went down to help Tony out, Dave has now learnt how to use a Chain-Saw they still wont let me near it, they think the guns enough for now. Farmer Dave also got a lesson on how to drive the bigger tractor, I'm yet to be given mine (I think they are trying to tell me something - this maybe due to the fact that they watched me try to reverse the smaller tractor and trailer down the side of the vineyard - let me say it took a little while and I did think I was going to run out of gas.) Dave and I are really enjoying the manual work during the day, not so much in the morning when we feel like we need a fork lift to get us out of bed. I suppose the one good thing is that the day light hours are fairly short - the sun rises around 7:30am and sets around 4:30pm.

14/11/2007 - Well after we could finally get out of bed - we decided it was time to have the day off. We headed into town to buy some more decorations (an 8 foot blow-up Snowman) and accessories for our Christmas lights etc.
We then went to another Ice Hockey Game with Bobbie, Brant and Peter. When you go through the door they are selling the programs so the Big Fella bought two for us all. You wouldn't believe it but Brants lucky program number got called out, to be part of the end of the 1st period fun. We tried to convince him to have a go, but I think he just knew to many people there and wasn't about to make a goose of himself. Peter, Bobbie and Dave all had the same reaction. So yep you guessed it, I couldn't let the opportunity go pass. What you had to do was to go out on to the middle of the ice rink with a Hockey stick (I had no idea even how to hold it) and shoot pieces of fruit into the net from different parts of the rink. Mmm first of all I tripped going down the stairs to the rink, then it took them a couple of attempts to find me a kids helmet that would fit me then it was onto the ice. Well the first three were from halfway the orange, apple and grapefruit, the next two a banana and a pear were abut 5 metres closer and then the last one was the pineapple only about 5 metres out from the net. I was up against a local named Mike, but at least I was the crowd favourite (when they found out I'd never been on ice before and I was Australian). When the compere announced my name and details the crowd cheered and started blowing their horns and ringing their cow bells (I think I even got part of a standing ovation from some of the crowd). Well after the first line it was 1 nil to me -the apple was my lucky piece of fruit. After the second line it was 2-1 to me. believe it or not the banana went in. (Of course it would being a banana bender...) Off to the pineapple, well I must admit my attempt was very weak, it didn't even make it to the line (it was a lot harder to hit than I thought) so still 2-1 to me then Mike stepped up to the pineapple, the crowd was on the edge of their seats, I was standing nervously in the middle, he hit the pineapple and it missed, 2-1 to the Aussie girl and the crowd went wild. After getting off the ice and heading back to my seat, I had high fives and hugs from the crowd. Ohh and my prize a 72 packet of fruit bars - but hey I had great fun.

15/11/2007 - For the last couple of days we haven't seen or heard a woodpecker, now we've got them scared, but don't worry I'm still out there looking, I just have to get one - I hate to lose. It was Bobbie's birthday today and she invited us over for yet another lovely roast beef dinner with Peter and Lisa (and Buck the dog), May, Jack and Norma (Brant's brother and sister-in-law), Tom and Louise (Peter's mother and father), Dave and I and of course Bobbie and Brant.

16/11/2007 - Today I wrapped the Christmas presents and Dave put up some more lights, he wont let me put up my 8 foot Snowman until 1 December (bugger) I can't wait to see it blown up and lit up. I think if I had my way our house would look something like the Griswalds, but the Big Fella (the spoil sport) is keeping me under control. Off to another Ice Hockey Game, the clash of the two top teams, the Penticton Vees and the Salmon Arm Silver Backs. What a great game at full time it was 3 all, they then went to 4 on 4 for 5 minutes still 3 all, then 3 on 3 for minutes still 3 all - Tied Game.

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Lou said...

I can't believe you took a photo of Bear poo!!! I bet everyone is glad they know what that looks like!!! haha.

Good on you with the fruit hockey Lisa!

Love you both