Sunday, 18 August 2013


08/08/2013 - Halifax.  Today we are making the drive to Truro, Nova Scotia to see the famous Tidal Bore it's about an hour drive out of Halifax.  Pre-accident we had planned on taking Stubbie and staying overnight - but she is just not up to the trip.  Still waiting for news from the assessor / insurance company, looks like we wont her anything until next week.  We have realised how much we appreciate Stubbie, Shooter certainly is not as comfortable - but hey she gets us there.

A Tidal Bore is where in a V-shaped bay and inlet the tide enters the broad end and literally 'piles up' as it moves up the bay.  At the very head of the bay this advancing tide becomes a wave varying from just a ripple to several feet in height - this wave is the Tidal Bore.

Whilst I did enjoy watching this phenomenon I did feel it was a bit disappointing in size - I think I've seen bigger waves on the Brisbane River from the Paddlewheeler - oh well Dave really enjoyed it and said that if we go back when it is a full moon the wave will be a lot bigger - see size does matter.

Well, they say things come in three's, we've had Dave's wrist (we still cannot get out on the golf course), Stubbie's accident and today on our way home we were stopped at a set of lights when a semi-trailer nudged us in the back.  One good think about having a 1997 vehicle is that they are built tough - and a few more scratches on the bumper bar aren't going to be noticed (just adds more character).  The driver of the Semi was very apologetic, apparently he was bending down to get something and didn't realise he was moving - oh well no harm done - but hopefully this should be the end of our bad luck....

12/08/2013 - Halifax - Time to get out for the day - we are starting to get cabin fever.  So we have decided to go for a drive down the South Coast and visit Peggy's Cove, a small fishing village known for Peggy's Point Lighthouse.  Still no update from the assessor / assurance....

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