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18/07/2013 - Shediac, New Brunswick - Halifax, Nova Scotia

18/07/2013 - Shediac, NB.  Dave has decided that he is going to take me out for another Lobster lunch, I don't think I'm going to get sick of this.  Well he didn't lie, he did take me out and I did eat Lobster - at McDonalds, not quite what I was expecting, but hey still delicious and only 260 odd calories for the roll, not sure on the cholesterol though.  We went to book ourselves into an RV Park on Prince Edward Island - only to find out that we can't really get into a suitable site until Monday - oh well looks like we might just stay here for the weekend.  Dave is happy he gets to watch the British Open Golf and the Cycling at a reasonable hour, and of course I'm happy just a little walk to all the restaurants.  They are having their Christmas in July party this weekend, which looks like it is going to be huge.  It's surprising how many decorations you an fit on a camping site.  After  seeing me come home last weekend the Big Fella is a bit scared of the natives, so we have decided not to join them all in their Turkey dinner and celebrations.  They all seemed to have a lot of fun travelling around in a huge trailer and golf carts, all dressed up and singing (in French).  Hearing all the festivities etc. I was a little disappointed that we didn't go, but the next morning when we woke up - I was so glad - thanks Big Fella.  I think most of the people were out and about by about 4:00pm and they were still not looking good, it was a very quiet Sunday.

McLobster Container (empty of course)

22/07/2013 - Darnley, Prince Edward Island.  Well we thought we were in a great location at our last RV site.  Dave thinks he is in heaven, we have a direct view of the water which is only about a 250 metre walk across the grass and about a 50 meter walk to a cheap golf driving range - yep $7.00 for a bucket of 100 balls - if only I could of got a photo of his face when we pulled into our site - it was like a child entering a candy shop - priceless.  We had booked in for three nights, and of course needless to say the first thing the Big Fella asks me is if we can book in for any longer, unfortunately this park which is huge is booked out for the weekend, but we did get an extra night.

The Big Fella in is own little piece of heaven

23/07/2013 - We had planned on coming to Prince Edward Island (PEI) just to feed up on the oysters and of course the Lobster etc - needless to say the diet is not going well at the moment.  So after our walking and golfing we are heading off to the Oyster Barn - about 12 km's away.  Whilst the oysters were delicious, Dave did comment that you still can't beat the Sydney Rock Oysters for his liking.  What a life waking up to a view of the water, going for a walk along the beach, hitting some golf balls, going out for lunch, then coming home to Stubbie for a wee nap - and we get to do this for the next couple of days - we may switch things around a bit and go out for dinner instead of lunch - oh the decisions.

Darnley, Prince Edward Island

24/07/2013 - 27/07/2013 - We have been lucky to be able to get another site for three more nights. We have spent the last few days relaxing etc - pure bliss, the weather has been a bit hit and miss, we go from having the air-conditioning on one day to the heater on the next, with squalling winds and heavy rain.  On one of the overcast / windy / rainy days - I talked the big fella into coming for a walk with me, it had stopped raining at the time.  With these conditions I would normally walk around the park but I know how much the Big Fella likes his walks on the beach - so we headed for the beach.  When it is low tide you can walk around the headlands and go from one beach to the other.  Let's say that it wasn't low tide but the Big Fella decided to take on the headlands just the same.  He was scaling the cliff side (filled with red dirt) when all of a sudden he lost his footing, it was like watching a cat sliding down a set of curtains, then about a 5 foot drop straight into the ocean, landing like a turtle on it's back.  I must admit until he had popped that big head of his up and I could see that his head had missed a rather large rock I was very worried.  Okay he is up on his feet, now to survey the damage, shins grazed, right buttock sore - and looks like a very sore right hand / arm, Dave thinks that it may be broken, or very badly sprained.  At least it wasn't the one he broke on his bike riding accident - and he keeps telling me to be careful...  I did say to the Big Fella that he needs to go back to falling like a bag of shit (a line from one of our snowboard instructors) - instead of breaking his fall with his hands...

Campsite, Darnley, PEI

27/07/2013 - 30/07/2013 - Whilst we are here there us another Christmas in July, parade and all.  The Big Fella hasn't been able to hit any golf balls so he is now happy to move on.

Christmas in July, Darnley, PEI

30/07/2013 Darnley, PEI - Antigonish, Nova Scotia - The quickest way across from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia is via Ferry so off we go.  Whilst we are waiting for the Ferry to arrive - Dave has decided it is time for more lobster and that is going to take me out again - so off we set for Crabby's a little shed at the Ferry terminal - mmmm.  This one looks a bit dubious, but there are plenty of people eating, so after about 20mins of waiting in line I finally get to the counter to order (his wife is not in today, so he is there alone, and boy do we know about it - definitely not a happy camper) - so just as I'm about to order a couple of Lobster Rolls, he lets everyone know that he no longer has any lobster, oh well we will try crab rolls...  Sadly to say, the food matched his personality tough and dry.  We had a nice Ferry ride across, it took about 75 minutes.  We stayed in Antigonish, NS for the night, Dave was still craving some Lobster - it's now been two days since his last feast, so I finally agree to go to Pizza Delight (very similar to Pizza Hut) where he orders his Lobster Pizza, let's just say Dave is now a happy man.

Crabby's Seafood Shack
Ferry going from PEI to NS

31/07/2013 - Antigonish, NS - Ingonish, NS.  On our way to Ingonish, which is located on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, we stop off at the Alexander Graham Bell Historic Museum.  It was surprising for me to discover that his invention of the telephone was only the beginning.   His ideas also led him to transmit sound on light and create a treadle powered sound recording device, man-carrying kites, airplanes and a record setting-hydrofoil boat.  But his greatest passion was for helping the hearing impaired.  So I really enjoyed our little visit here, even though Dave kept wandering through all the old telephones etc. and asking me if I remembered this one and that one.

Alexander Graham Bell Museum
After visiting the Museum we started on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island - the masterpiece of Nova Scotia - I can see why it has been described like that - the scenery is just spectacular.
Cape Breton Island
01/08/2013 - Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, NS.  We are looking forward to the day ahead, we even managed to leave the camping ground by 8:30am.  This drive is just spectacular and I did mention to Dave that I think this is a lot more scenic and enjoyable than the West Coast Coastal line.  
Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island
Unfortunately, not long after this stop, when we were travelling down a mountain (gradient 13%) going through an S Bend - a motorcycle rider and his passenger lost control of their motorbike and came across into our lane crashing into Stubbie on her front right hand side.  Luckily we were travelling extremely slow and whilst both driver and passenger were taken to hospital they were later released that night.  It is just unbelievable that they both got out of this with soreness and bruising.  Especially the driver as once the bike hit Stubbie he was flicked up and his head crashed into the windscreen, absolutely shattering the windscreen and popping out the right hand side.  Somebody was definitely looking out for us all.  One of the scary things in regards to this accident is that we were between two of their little towns without any cell phone coverage.  So after we had sent a few vehicles off in different directions we needed to wait for about 30 minutes until the first responders arrived, than about another 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island
After everyone was taken care of and the site was cleaned up, it was time to try and get Stubbie down the rest of this mountain, so with a police escort we travelled very slowly and made it safely down to a parking area, to try and do some repairs so that we could get to the next town were we could at least get cell phone coverage.  So out comes the trusty (never leave home without it) Gaffer Tape, some bungy cords, tin snips and a couple of saws, it looks like Stubbie will get us a bit further. 

Stubbie receiving some beloved medical attention from the Big Fella

So off we set for Cheticamp.  We found a little area off the side of the road in the town where we could pull over.  So after phoning the Insurance Company and reassessing the situation, we've decided that we need more Gaffer Tape (apparently you just can't have enough) so off to the Hardware Store, Dave comes back with another large roll.  Whilst he is doing more repair work a couple from Ontario, who have their RV parked on their block of land in Cheticamp, stop and ask us if we are okay and if there is anything they can do, so after talking for awhile they have kindly offered for us to stay on their block of land, where we can use their wifi, electricity etc.  Their hospitality didn't end their they then invited us into their motorhome and offered us a drink (this was around 4:00pm).  Let's just say we got back to Stubbie somewhere between 10:30 - 11:30pm.  

Cheticamp, NS
02/08/2013 - Cheticamp - Halifax, NS.  This morning I wasn't sure who had the sorest head me or the motorcycle driver.  Needless to say the drive into Halifax, was a very long one. On the way we did need to stop for a few more rolls of Gaffer Tap a few more repairs and off we set again.

We have spoken to the Insurance Assessor and he will be able to come and have a look at Stubbie on Monday or Tuesday (Monday is a Public Holiday here).  The driver of the motorcycle returned our call today to let us know that they were both okay and have only got bruising and soreness - some one was looking out for us all.

Campground Halifax, Nova Scotia

We have a lot of people staring at Stubbie driving down to Halifax and also in the RV Park - so Dave put a photo of a Moose in the windscreen.

03/08/2013 - Halifax, NS.  Well not much we can do for Stubbie, now.  We just need to wait for the assessor.  So we have decided to head on into Halifax Harbour.  It is the long weekend - with Monday being Natal Day, the day they celebrate the birthday of Nova Scotia.  Also, it is the Busker festival on the Harbour.  The Harbour is largely formed by a drowned glacial valley.  The harbour is a beautiful harbour and we got to see some of the largest yachts I have ever seen - just unbelievable of the $'s in the harbour.

Fidelis, Douglas - a Perini Navi 56m Yacht

04/08/2013 - Halifax, NS.  It looks like we maybe expecting some rain today, so we have decided to stay home, not sure how Stubbie will hold-up.  When we where checking into the Campground, we noticed that they had Lobsters for sale, so we made the trip to the office to see if they still had some left.  Luckily for us and our appetite they did, we didn't know that they were alive so we said that we didn't have a pot big enough for them, they said oh what time do you want them ready.  They cook them for you so when you pick them up they are nice and hot still - mmmm, and they crack them for us as well.  Think I will be using this service again...

Halifax Campground, Lobster Supper
06/08/2013 - Halifax, NS.  We are trying to get everything done that we wanted to see in Halifax, so we headed into the Maritime Museum to learn more about Halifax's involvement in the Titanic tragedy and the Halifax explosion.  Halifax was given the grim responsibility of picking up the victims.  The Halifax explosion was on the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917 the SS Mont-Blanc a French cargo ship carrying explosives collided with a Norwegian vessel SS Imo.  This was the biggest ever man made explosion prior to Nuclear Weapons - approx. 2000 people were killed. 

Deck Chair, recovered from the Titanic

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