Tuesday, 4 December 2007

30/11/2007 - 06/12/2007

30/11/2007 - Today we went into town and did a bit of shopping. After arriving home and having a hot tub we drove up to Westbank (about a 45 min drive) with Peter and Lisa to watch the Vees play. The game went in to extra time and unfortunately we lost, but it was a great game and a good night out. Lisa told us that they are expecting their coldest winter in 15 years (which is great if we get snow).

01/12/2007 - We are heading up the mountain. We had some more snow overnight so we are really looking forward to the snow boarding. The drive up the mountain with the snow in the trees is just breath taking I don't think we will ever get sick of this scenery. When we get up the top we look at the temperature gauge on the car it is reading -17 degrees and that's at the bottom of the mountain in the car park (okay some of the enthusiasm is starting to dwindle). We get out of the car and get all our gear on and head on over, to our disappointment it's only the T-Bar and the magic carpet that are open. We were hoping that the lifts would be open - oh well. So up the T-Bar we go and we have a good run down (there are a few more people here than last week) and it really is cold up the top. We decided that after one run we needed coffee, so off to the Last Tracks Coffee Shop. After enjoying our coffee we went to the Beginners Slope with the magic carpet where we practiced our switch riding for an hour or so and then decided we needed more coffee. After that we called it quits and headed home.

After arriving home we headed of to another Ice Hockey game between two old rivals - The Vees and the Vernon Vipers. Well what a game, there were more fights than .......... at one stage every one of the 5 players on the Ice were involved in a one on one fight. All players were sent to one side whilst the referees tried to make a few decisions. The only things left on the ice were the players gloves, sticks and the goalies. It really is amazing how all the spectators and players on the bench encourage the fighting. Also, at the beginning of the evening our program number was also called out (with about another 14) so down to the rink I went, the prize this time was a bit more enticing than my 72 fruit bars it was a diamond ring valued at around $600.00. This time they put 15 jewellery boxes around the rink and each contestant had to go onto the ice and stand behind a box, then they played some music whilst the contestants went around the rink, when the music stopped you had to stand next to the box nearest to you, they did this about 3 times before they told all contestants to open the box in front of them - unfortunately I wasn't the winner, but it is all a great experience.

02/12/2007 - Sunday is a working day for The Big Fella and I - we have offered to help Tony and a couple of his friends splinter the wood, they have purchased to sell. They bought $1,500 of Fir Tree Logs, they've been cut into small logs and now need to be splintered. The temperature is around -9 and snowing (probably not the best conditions but hey we have already agreed to help and the splitter has been hired). The work is quiet strenuous but also rewarding we work until about 4:30pm and then decide to call it quits. To start the day we had Tony, Mike, Don , Dave and myself all at it. They finally let me in control of some machinery, I got the job of controlling the splitting machine whilst the others took turns in stacking, handling and splitting the wood. Dan (Tony's housemate) arrives after lunch and gets straight into helping with the work - after about 1/2 hour Dan is now working with a T-Shirt on - remember it's snowing and about -9 degrees. We have got through about 2/3 of the wood so it looks like we might be at it again next Sunday, the yard and the house is looking really beautiful with all the snow around the yard etc it is covered in about 15cm of snow. After cleaning up we went over to Bobbie and Brants for another wonderful dinner - they really are the hostesses with the mostess. We had another beautiful 3 course meal and got to meet a lovely couple Rusty and Heather who are both skiers.

03/12/2007 - Well as the weather channel advised the unusual warm rain has appeared. It's gone from -9 degrees yesterday to a plus 9 today. All the snow has melted, and sadly our snowman is melting. This weather is expected to continue until Wednesday. It doesn't look like the Big Fella is going to get out of bed for to long today - he really is struggling to walk, the manual labour really took it out of his body yesterday - he was really putting in the hard work.
04/12/2007 - Today we headed up the mountain, a bit unsure of what to expect, we had a lot of rain overnight. To our relief the mountain really hadn't suffered, they had lost a little amount of snow but not much at all. The T-Bar and the carpet were going, so up we went to the T-Bar. It was just like having your own private mountain - at one stage on the T-Bar run there was only 1 person and when we did go over to the carpet there wasn't anyone else there except for Dave and I - it was great.
05/12/2007 - Once again we headed up to Apex. The snow on the T-Bar was still in good shape. Unfortunately I wasn't, I was practicing my switch and I caught an edge and landed on the point of my shoulder (ouch). So to Dave's disappointment we had to leave, he was really getting into, we both wanted to get as much practice in as we could before our families arrive. Dave thinks he has got Luke and Tony covered. Lisa was doing very well she probably only has Billy and Jesse covered now.
06/12/2007 - After a very restless night's sleep we decided to have a day at home. I was pretty useless as my right arm and shoulder is still pretty painful and I don't have much movement. So Dave is the nurse /cook for the day - I don't think he is having a lot of fun, he keeps talking about going up the mountain tomorrow, and that I should go up with him and watch the Canadian Ski Team doing their Aerials (I think the real reason is there is a coffee shop there which means he wont have to prepare my meals / coffee - it's only been one day.)


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They look like bloody big logs!

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Where are the Xmas photos

Handbag said...

Merry Christmas - Lisa my home email account is watersjulie@optusnet.com.au - I'm not back at work until next Wednesday!!!!! Where are the stinking photos?????????