Sunday, 14 October 2007

10/10/2007 - 13/10/2007 Whistler to Kaleden

10/10/07 - Today we headed for Kamloops to chase some sun - The drive from Whistler to Kamloops was absolutely breathtaking. We had a great dinner - and I tried the wine again (you can't say that I'm not persistent) Well I think I discovered the secret of drinking the wine - you just need to drink alot more - 4 glasses later it really did start to taste a lot better. We indulged ourselves at a great restaurant that had a dish called "Prawn and Crab Kisses". By far this has been the best dish we have eaten since being in Canada.

11/10/07 - After getting a new key for the car and a wheel balance for the back wheels we left Kamloops and drove to Kelowna. Dave is really getting the hang of this driving - he even let me have a drive, whilst he had a little nap. (I was so scared I just closed my eyes....) We went to dinner at a small pub / restaurant that looked like "Cheers". I wasn't up to trying the local wine again - so I asked for a Kokanee (local beer)- well the stubbie came out without a glass - so when in Rome. So now not am only drinking beer, I'm drinking out of the stubbie and to Dave's amazement I downed another 4 stubbies, 20 chicken wings and 15 buffalo prawns.

12/10/07 - Today we headed for Penticton (the major city outside Kaleden). We phoned the owners of our house to see what time we could meet them on Saturday and they advised us that the house was ready so we could stay there on the Friday night, if we wanted to - what a bonus. (They left the key in the side door with the rest of the house open.) So after going to the ski swap meet in Penticton we headed off to find our home for the next 6 months. I must admit I was getting a bit nervous (not having seen the house before - you just don't know what to expect) only seeing the house on the Net and conversing with the owner via email or phone. We turned a corner and it was obvious from the photos on the net that we had found our new home - so far so good. Well as you could imagine my heart was pounding but as soon as I opened the door I knew that we had made the right choice. The house is better and bigger than what was on the Net. It sleeps 16 people and has 3 levels - Dave and I keep getting lost (they even have walkie talkies in for us to use in the house.) I suppose it will take us a while in getting used to the quiet - we seem to follow each other around. The surrounds are just beautiful and there is an abundance of wildlife. There are a number of Deer resting in the paddocks waiting to be picked to lead Santa's sleigh at Christmas.

13/10/07 - After breakfast Dave and I thought that there was someone at our front door, there was a knocking sound - but when we went and opened the door there was no one there - we thought there must of been some work happening on the block above us up the mountain. The owners arrived at 9:00am to show us how to operate a few things like the fire place, hot tub (Ohh did I mention it also has an eight seater hot tub just outside looking over the mountains). Anyway after a bit of a briefing we got talking to Tony and Lisa (the owners) about a few things and we mentioned the noise we heard in the morning, Tony advised us that it was the woodpeckers. He also asked Dave if he felt comfortable with a gun (now I'm getting worried) because if he did he would like him to shoot the woodpeckers - well I told him I was certainly up for it if Dave wasn't. Tony then took us to his shed and showed us how to use the gun and the fact that there was two types of pellets one for practicing and one for the actual shooting. Well tomorrow morning I'm going to have the cans (that we drink tonight in the hot tub) out on the fence and start practicing. I don't know what a woodpecker looks like but if its got wings and it is on the house LOOK OUT. Tony and Lisa are really lovely people and have invited us over their place for dinner - I have also offered for Dave to help out on the vineyard etc. so I think it's really going to work out well.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the lake well it is just like we remember, stunning scenery and totally relaxing. We then went for a drive in to town to get some groceries (well that is a totally new experience) whilst cars etc are really cheap their meat is very, very expensive. The drive into town was about 12 minutes and the airport about 6 minutes so whilst we are out in the country we are not to far away from everything (oh and the Casino about 15 minutes away). On our drive back home we meet our new neighbours again - about 20 meters in front of us 6 deer came bouncing across the road (they didn't care that we were bigger than them) well you should of seen Dave's face it was priceless. They certainly need to learn some road sense if they want to drive Santa's sleigh.


Anonymous said...

The thought of you using a gun is scary!! Shoot em' up girl!! I reckon you should do target practice from the hot tub! Miss you. Kell

Anonymous said...

My oh my I hope you pair are videoing this National Lampoon's Vacation?? Sounds like you are having a cool time. Killer Whales and beautiful scenery my ass... bring on the blood-shed!! While the deer's days may be numbered I feel the woodpeckers may be actually be quite safe. Nice look in the camo gear miss GI Jane. I also like the stealth look where you have the binoculars posing as a avid bird enthusiest, only to reveal the bang stick of death...classic! Stay safe and have a stubbie for me. Wade K

darian said...

looking for peace and quiet already Dave or just staying out of range of Annie Oakley?