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30/10/2010 - 03/12/2010 - Penticton to LA

It has been a little while since I've updated the Blog - so here goes in no particular order.

The drive down the Oregon Coast line was just spectacular - it really was like a combination of the Great Ocean Rd and the Sunshine Coast.  We took our time travelling down the coast line and spent many a night in RV Parks very close to the Beach - some parks were right on the Beach where we could sit back in Stubbie and watch the Seals / Seal Lions playing in the water - I never get sick of this.  The Big Fella was in his element - sitting in the front seat,looking through his binoculars, whilst drinking a nice cold beer with one eye on Cable TV - I think it was basically heaven for him. 

I no longer point out the many beautiful, green golf courses along the way - he is now talking about buying a new set of golf clubs.  I think it's like pulling his fingernails out each time we go past a gorgeous golf course and keep driving.  I'm pretty sure that before we get home he will have a new set..

After we crossed the LA Border we made a visit to the Redwoods National Forrest - a world Heritage Park. The Redwood trees are the world's tallest living trees growing to a height of nearly 380 ft.  The base / trunk of these trees is absolutely huge. 

We actually drove Shooter through one of these trees at Klamath, California - it is 2.23 metres wide. 

Across the road from this tree was a park with Australians - stating that these were Australia's 2nd largest bird - I must admit I had to look this up on the good old wiki pedia - apparently the Cassowary is the heaviest.
17/11/2010 - 20/11/2010 - Anyway we headed back to the California coast to resume our coastal adventure.  We had planned on spending a few more days travelling down the coastline, except the navigator told the driver to take a wrong turn and we eventually ended up in Las Vegas (I don't know how I could of made that simple mistake) just in time to meet Julie, Rob, Narls and Macca.  We caught up with Jules and Rob with the intention of having a nice lunch and a couple of quite drinks.  Well after sitting in the bar and chatting for a little while I decided that if I was going to keep drinking I needed to get some food - so Dave and I headed off to get us some lunch - whilst this wont come as a surprise to anyone who knows Jules (handbag) or Rob - went straight to the Pokies - no need to waste time on eating when there is gambling and drinking to be done.  So after lunch the Big Fella and I went out and caught up with Rob and Handbag, and kept drinking - now this will come as a huge surprise to anyone who has ever gambled with the Big Fella - but he sat on this one Poker Machine (Fireball) for hours - he normally only lasts about 30 minutes and then he is bored and normally heads off to the tables.  After a few hours Narls and Macca arrived (they had just got off the plane and at this stage couldn't even get into their room).  So we had a few more drinks, Narls and Macca eventually went and had a shower before coming back down to join us for more drinks and dinner.  I'll cut a long story short and lets just say that Dave and I got back to Stubbie around 12:30am, I believe Rob and Jules got home not long after and believe it or not I think Narls outlasted all of us and stayed up until about 5:00am (after their flight from Australia).  We had a great night and many many laughs - unfortunately it took us a while to get moving the next day.  We caught up with Handbag and Rob around lunch time and let's just say I think at lunch we were all on the soda's or juice.  We did end up catching up that night for another feed and a few very quiet drinks.

It was sad for us (okay me) to say goodbye to Vegas again - but I know I'll be back again shortly - next month.  And to be honest I don't think my body could of handled more nights with Rob, Jules, Narls and Macca.

I think the Big Fella was even out of whack after Las Vegas.  We were getting ready to leave and I asked him if he wanted anything and all he asked for was for me to look for his watch - mmmm guess what it was on his arm.....

22/11/2010 - 24/11/2010 - Los Angeles - Dave and I were up bright and early excited to see Karleigh.  It was really great to see her coming up the walk way at the airport.  She was looking a bit tired but other than that she looked fantastic.  After we picked her up we took her back to Stubbie - her new home for the next couple of weeks / months.  We watched her unpack and we just couldn't believe how much stuff she has bought over - she actually has much more clothes than I have.  So after she had unpacked and had a little bit of a rest we went on down  
to Venice Beach.  It really is amazing the things you see down there.  The Beach is a really happy place and the people are really friendly (some a bit weird).  We decided to stop at one of the restaurants and have a little snack to eat and a few drinks - well Karls and I had a pitcher (jug) of my old favourite Margarita's.  

23/11/2010 - Karls and Dave went to the movies - whilst I went and got my hair done - one of the things that I don't like doing when travelling - you really never know who you are going to get.  The last time I had my hair done was in Oregon and it really was / is a bit of a disaster.  Anyway this time I was really happy with what the hairdresser did - she needed to give it a really good cut to try and resurrect it after my last hair cut.  The back of my hair is about 1cm in length and has actually been shaved lower down.  I now have a concave bob - which I'm really happy with - Dave not so happy - oh well.

24/11/2010 - I went for a walk early this morning and stumbled upon the set of Miami CSI - in Long Beach, California - go figure.  So of course I went back to Stubbie and then Karleigh and I went back to check out the scene - she was still in her PJ's and I was in my walking gear - not looking attractive at all.  Karleigh was really happy she got her picture taken beside a hummer.  Unfortunately, neither of us watch CSI Miami so we needed to go back to Stubbie and look up the show on the internet - we did work out that we did get to see one of the stars.  We picked up Karl's friend Jess from the airport - she will be travelling with us to San Diego.

25/11/2010 - 29/11/2010 - San Diego
Thanksgiving - Today we made the trek down to San Diego - with the intention of finding a nice place for a Turkey dinner.  However, after we had got all set up we decided to head into the Gaslamp Quarters for a look around before going out to dinner. In the end we decided that the Gaslamp Quarters was a good place to have dinner, so we enjoyed a lovely Italian meal on Thanksgiving.  This area is a really interesting little area and a great place to visit.

26/11/2010 - Today is known as Black Friday and is suppose to be the day for the best Sales at the shops - so of course that is where the girls are going to spend the day.  Karls and Jesse picked up some great bargains and I believe they had a good day.  I have no idea how Karleigh is going to get all her gear home..

27/11/2010 - Today we are off to Sea World.  Last time Dave and I visited Sea World we had a really fantastic day - we had lunch right next to the Killer Whales whilst listening and watching the trainers interact with the Whales, prior to the show - we really enjoyed this and were hoping that we could show this to the girls - unfortunately after the Killer Whale accident in Orlando the the trainers are now no longer allowed in the water with the whales - which for Dave and I was the best part of the show that we were looking forward to.  I did love the fact that you could feed and touch the Rays.

28/11/2010 - It's my birthday and I was served a lovely breakfast (poached eggs on toast) and coffee in bed from Dave and Karleigh.  The girls and I then went to the Factory Outlet stores to do a bit of shopping and then we went and had a nice lunch.  Dave and the girls then made me a lovely Salmon and Salad dinner - overall a great day.  I did receive a Christmas Present from Louise - but I decided to open it up on my birthday - oops.  Lou made me a really beautiful bracelet and earrings - thanks very much Lou and Matt. 

29/11/2010 - 03/12/2010 Los Angeles

29/11/2010 - It is time for us to head back to LA - we need to pick up Kecca in the morning (this is Karleigh's really good friend who will be with us until the new year.)  We drove back up the old highway along the Coast so the girls could see Laguana Beach and Newport Beach, both in Orange County (OC).

30/11/2010 - We dropped Jess off at the Bus Station and went to pick up Kecca - unfortunately we got caught up in some traffic so we didn't get to see Kecca walking up the walk way.  We decided that it is best if you try to adjust to the LA time as soon as you arrive.  So we headed back to Venice Beach for breakfast, then we took a drive to Santa Monica Beach / Pier and Malibu Beach.  The girls then decided that they wanted to go to the shop 'Dash' the Kardashian's shop at Calabasas.  The girls got so excited because Bruce Jenner walked in - I think they nearly peed their pants.  So after the girls had calmed down we drove down to Hollywood to have a look at the Chinese Theatre and the Grauman's Kodak Theatre (home of the Acadamey Awards). 



We then headed to Hooters (one of Dave's favourite places - you can probably guess why).

01/12/2010 - 03/12/2010 - The girls have gone to Disneyland for 3 days, so the Big Fella and I are catching up on a few things and having a rest before we make our next move...

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