Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Retirement at last

Well the day finally arrived last Friday.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends at CorpTech for such a fantastic day on Friday - what a way to see my last day out. A special thanks to my A List friends and to Darrin for making it truly a remarkable day and one I will never forget.

I don't believe that it has hit me yet that I've RETIRED. It felt like a long time coming, since I've been counting down for so long (originally 156 weeks - but thanks to Dave going back to work for a period of time - my sentence was reduced by over 1 year).

Dave and I are busily trying to pack and get things organised (okay Dave is out playing Golf and I'm packing).

We leave our unit early September to go and spend some time with Dave's Mum down at the Tweed.

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